How you login to TRACS has changed

The Government of Alberta has made a change to the way it provides secure online access to TRACS. Alberta Secure Access Service (ASAS) is being decommissioned and replaced with MyAlberta Digital ID. MyAlberta Digital ID gives you quick, secure access to participating online government services.

To continue accessing TRACS, you are required to login using a MyAlberta Digital ID account. If you do not have a MyAlberta Digital ID account, you will be required to create an account. Only a basic MyAlberta Digital ID account is required to access TRACS. It is not necessary to set up a verified account.

Once you login using your MyAlberta Digital ID account, you will be prompted to migrate your Tax and Revenue Administration account information from your old ASAS user ID to your new MyAlberta Digital ID account.

See the TRACS page for an instructional video: How to Migrate Your TRACS Account (ASAS to MyAlberta Digital ID) and instruction guide for details on how to migrate your TRACS account(s).